computer vision
Last modified on September 11, 2021

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You have a set of reusable pieces that can be combined to form different, interesting things.

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Decomposition of programs into modular, reusable unit is one example of this.

Static, Dynamic, and Requirements Models for Systems Partition (as an example of decomposition in programming.)

Some methodical activities, such as making breakfast, decompose well into modular activities as well:

tree of the decomposition of making breakfast into "make toast," "make tea," etc.

A machine learning example of compositionaity is that a computer vision model's early layers will implement an edge detector, curve detector, etc., which are modular pieces that are then combined in various ways by higher-level layers to form dog detectors, car detectors, etc.

progression from low-level to high-level features in a CNN.

One step towards compositionality is the idea of neuro-symbolic models. Combining logic-based systems with connectionist methods.