Last modified on June 01, 2022

Despite spinning a lot of cycles thinking about ⤴️ shortcuts and the like, I’ve never thought too hard about this input device itself – the keyboard.

I’ve been perfectly happy typing away on Macbook keyboards for the last 15+ years (having used a 2015 MBA and 2021 MBP, I managed to completely avoid the butterfly keyboard generation, thank god.) But now, I’ve been asked by my future employer what kind of keyboard I want, so here’s the space I’ll think about that in!

After reading the wiki of r/MechanicalKeyboards, I am very intrigued. I might have to go find a Fry’s or something and test out some keyboards.

WASD keyboards in Fremont – those keyboards look sooooo slick. wowowow. might have to hit that up for personal use 😉

I could imagine making some sort of symsys-y design on my keyboard….that would be really cool. I’d have to think a bit harder about what is meaningful to me.

….also the all-black keyboard is a fucking vibe tho.

all-black mechanical keyboard