Last modified on May 14, 2022

graphics that might help explain something meta (nwilliams) - heh. this is like me color-sorting jigsaw pieces. It's a rough filter, but by the numbers game, it works.

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Like cognition, but meta.

Why do some people learn so much so well? The simplest hypothesis is
that they've come across some better ways to learn! Perhaps such "gifts"
are little more than tricks of "higher-order" expertise. Just as one child
learns to re-arrange its building-blocks in clever ways, another child
might learn to play, inside its head, at re-arranging how it learns! – Marvin Minsky,


what is humor? things that are unexpected, but in a "humorous" way? Ok, that's tautological. But still. definitely something that I want to think about, notes I'm actively working on.

As a kind of meta example, while I'm here writing this note in emacs, I found myself naturally laughing at the fact that org-mode interpets the + signs in the encrypted PGP message in my org-journal files as a strikethrough, so parts of the PGP message are struck through. Even though strikethrough and org-crypt are both bona fide features of org, no one really noticed this little harmless, unintended interaction between the two (huh, there's the connection to modularity!). Lmao.

screenshot of an encrypted journal file, displayed the aforementioned striking-out behavior within the PGP text. Hey, if you figure out how to decrypt it, you can read my journal file for the day!

Figure 1: Hey, if you figure out how to decrypt it, you can read what secrets I told to my journal today!