Last modified on August 26, 2021

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The Worst Thing Is To Miss It


I loved taking Social Dance II at Stanford, and I really loved the way that Richard Powers taught it. He connected dance to life; it's all about being in the moment, noticing and reacting to the people around you, noticing the good in life…which relates to Gratitude. I was just thinking about how gratitude is kind of a "hack" against the onslaught of hedonic adaptation. Most of the time, I'm sitting on a mountain of good fortune, and I've completely forgotten it's there. But if I get reminded of that good fortune somehow, it really puts things in a different perspective.


Things to talk about in the context of practice:

  • being intentional in your pursuits, e.g.
    • violin. Practicing sautille bowing technique, working on left-hand mechanics separately from right hand, etc.
    • programming.
    • typing on keyhero
    • having fun (yes, I'm serious, you can practice having fun)

I feel that there's some relation of practice to mindfulness as well. Something about "holding the whole program in your head,"